Our Tables

Modline Poker

We strive to create what our customers need! We are having a large range of pre designed tables, and we also offer fully custom-made tables designed from scratch. They are manufactured in-house, from Australian materials and may be further customised with your desired choice of options which may include:

  • Size & Shape
  • Type of materials (wood , metal , leather , vinyl etc)
  • Cameras
  • Lighting (LED inserts)
  • Surface Printing (any logo , picture or information printed on your playing surface)
Modline Poker

We manufacture an excellent range of standard or custom made oval poker tables, including casino quality and round shaped ones. Our poker tables come with a choice of having fixed or fold away legs. You may also choose a table with a chip tray or drop box.

Our tables are made in Australia from quality materials by highly skilled craft men. All materials are of the best quality. Our workmanship is taken care of, to the finest detail and great pride is taken in every job undertaken by us. The arm rails are fully padded with thick premium foam. Playing surfaces range from medium to the premium quality; they may be further customised with any artwork of your choice.

Finally, tables with ultimate comfort, longevity and class!